Unforutnately I am not a DJ, nor do I play any instruments. I learnt the piano for a bit when I was a young man, but as we all know unless you are shit hot at piano or can sing like an angel it is just not very cool. So I gave up, which I know regret.

It’s all good though know I work in the music industry and write for a dope music / fashion / lifestyle mag or two (Newestra is dope) . I get to surround myself with individuals who perservered where I shied away and failed to shine. For that I am at least a happy man. I also occassionally ¬†get to stand behind the Dj Booth and pretend that I am actually meant to be. Good times akimbo.

However if I had tried harder, and become that musical puppeteer that I, from time to time, imagine myself to be, I would probably have been encouraged by a video like the one below.

I’m not a big fan of Sasha, however he comes out with some pretty insightful stuff and definitely offers some words to the wise for any young Dj’s or producers.

Cheecckkk it yeh?

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