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Ahhhh there are few things I enjoy more than laying back and letting a liquid Drum and Bass track lather me up and get me good and amassed with visuals of a summer days skanking around fields. Letting the cows and sheep stare on with bemused and slightly envious eyes. Yes mr cow, if only you could dance on two legs, your life would be richer and better, you know this.

Hosta has been making stunning DnB for a while now, and is making waves throughout clubs with his distinct approach and take on the genre. The Homegrown Ep is available now. Check the full stream below and pick up a free remix he did for Rameses B whilst you’re in the area!


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The more I look out upon the vast musical wastes of pop culture, home to possibly some of the most disturbing and ugly of record execs creations, the more you can see little rays of sunshine, or patches of crisp green green grass springing up from the battered and burnt earth. With a wry smile on my face I’m very pleased to see that many of these gems are British artists.

Delilah is hopefully set to go the same way, with a distinct voice, easily recognizable from her peers and a sound that almost takes the best of Portishead, jazz and bass influences it would be a fools bet to disagree.

Go – Ep has just been released which features 2 brand new tracks and an official video to single Go. Slightly in love with this most distinguished of ladies voices and still happy to admit the shivers and goosebumps are showing no signs of subsiding.

Check the video below as well as a stream of all the tracks of the ep which you can purchase from HERE

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Original post for NEWESTRA.COM

We here, the minds what are Newestra all agree that Minnesota is fcking sick.

We have interviewed and featured his bass heavy, glitched out, bro, dub, stepping styled out tracks several times. What I still find so alarming is how fast he seems to bang them out, all of them still standing up to quality standards and successfully passing the “Can this wobble your brain and send shivers up a ladies spine who is sat on the speaker test”.

As with all good schizophrenic, artistic men and women, Minnesota now has an alter ego. Himself and Marty Party have combined bass lines to create something that is probably going to kill someone. Like seriously. They call is Deathstar

Apologies for being a bit late on this one however the EP is sick and completely free as well. So hopefully that makes up for it!

Check, cop and listen, with volume at reasonable level please, belowwwwww.

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