DnB has never really been famed for making poignant videos that have a deeper meaning than ” you should all rave and skank till the world ends….when this track plays”. Not to take anything away from the videos themselves, I guess the style of music, speed, tempo doesn’t really lend itself to a higher purpose or deep message.

Phace and Misanthrop disagree. First of all the track alone is sickening. A Noisia-esque style that see’s dark basslines and changing tempos blended together over a rolling but harrowing beat, I dont imagine too many people will get their smiley skank on to this one. Cue heavy moshpits and pouty faces.

Combine that with the video, which is cut and edited perfectly to fit the songs timing. On top, the message it conveys is sincere and clear despite missing a vocalist to translate the songs meaning. Check below and make up your own mind.

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