I can honestly say I never thought I’d hear twist em out again. After the battering that Skibadee, in a weak attempt at a mainstream crossover mc sess, gave the track it was probably a good thing that the track was put to sleep.

Sometimes things have a funny way of telling you to fck off and smash any preconceptions or happy ideals you might have settled on, it’s almost like the world doesn’t actually mould itself to accomodate each of our needs. What a cock.

Upon scanning through the latest list of Rbma rare gemstones, my eyes skipped, did a flip and shot up into the back of my head, rolled all the way around, became blood shot, protruded a good inch out of my face and then re set themselves. I like Dillinja, I like dnb and I like jungle. Anyone who complains about not being able to dance to it is either hopelessly lost and probably can’t dance to anything other than shitty house anyway or just hasn’t experienced a proper night of dnb rave ups. Oh and they are probably a dick as well (just kidding I have great love and admiration for all people and things, including cans of capitalism and saucers full of lies).

So in summation, if you like DnB then put this through your head holes and skank out like back in the days when Fabric was good and DnB nights were busy even when they were being held on a Wednesday



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