Alcohol is cool, the media tells us so. Drink this and it makes you more appealing to the opposite sex, or flip that (not her) and buy someone this and you, again, become more appealing to them. This time because you apparently and obviously understand the depth of personality it takes to enjoy certain kinds of drinks and cocktails. More so than the dude sitting next to you, who guessed the lady would like a glass of wine. What an idiot!

My point is drinks/spirits advertising is clever. It kind of has to be, what with alcohol basically being a form of poison that is proven to cause more deaths than illegal drugs ever have. Still drinks are cool and have the ability to display alot about your personality at a glance. For instance –

– The guy necking beers with his buddies probably isn’t too bothered about where it comes from, it’s history or what goes in to it. What he does care about is getting it down and moving on to reach that sweet annebriated spot, where inhibitions are a thing of the past and volume control gets fritzed.

– The guy sipping a swisky, slowly and looking of into the distance, on the other hand, with a resigned look of deep thought on his face is probably more about the drink. He probably enjoys the hops and smokiness that comes with a good scotch. Letting the ice melt a little to take the edge of and get the most out of his purchase.

Both are massively broad generalisations but you get what I mean. With that in mind drinks people are becoming ever more industrious about how they approach their customers. For instance New Zealand born 42 below Vodka are currently mid way through  a push based around the theme of “Nothing” – “You Pay Nothing for Nothing “……. but nothing is actually free vodka soooo a good kind of something really. You rock down to a particular cocktail bar, give them nothing, more accurately something worth nothing like a box or a sugar cube and they give you a cocktail! Pretty simple but engaging and fun. This shows innovation, but experiential innovation. Something that creates a memory, and something you can share with others and then re-count at a later date. By association the spirit is shed in a good light and is regarded as those lovely people who gave you something for nothing….or officially Nothing for Nothing!

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Spirit brand are notorious for making some of the sexiest, most intelligent and funniest adds ever.

Probably one of the greatest things i have ever seen, to this day. Everything about this video either makes you either want to surf or buy a guinness. The track from Leftfield is now one of the most iconic dance tracks ever and easily his most famous production.

I think the point we can take away is, brands and products now days are soo much about identity and association. There are psychologists who specialise in making people choose one product instead of another. It can be something as simple as where it is placed, the colour of the packaging or something more complex like the messaging.

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All this “has Diplo sold out” tomfoolery is still a hot topic of drinkers, bored folk, and over pretentious folk who feel as though they have been betrayed in some way due to the music, or artist, they are into enjoying some well earned success and recognition both for the music they make but also just for being pretty cool.

Personally I can’t really be arsed to wade into the argument, though I will say tracks he produced for the strawberry blonde chick out of Girls Aloud (punish yourself HERE) and Cher LLoyd are pretty bad, bad like they suck.

Annyyyway, his DJ sets are consistently big bass energy affairs, where if your not partying your probably really sad about something, have really really bad taste in music, or have some kind of fear of large crowds, in which case you probably shouldn’t be there anyway. The mix below is Diplo bringing the noize!! Lots and lots of bass and pure party vibes.

One of the things I like most is how Diplo strays from the necessity of only playing new tracks and will delve deep into the recesses of his cd case or laptop to find something which although old and mostly forgotten or overlooked is a sure way of making mens and womens jump up and down like excited toddlers on a crack trampoline.

Check the sets belooowwww.

PART 1 >>>>>>>>>>>> HERE

PART 2 >>>>>>>>>>>> HERE

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Existence is.. well.. what does it matter? I exist on the best terms I can. The past is now part of my future. The present is well out of hand. – Ian Curtis via Anna Meacham

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Original post written for NEWESTRA

We were promised remixs a short while ago and Radiohead consistently seem to deliver,

The tracks come courtesy of Caribou and Jacques Green. Enough said I think. Maybe best to listen to some lovely sounds….


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Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.

Thomas Jefferson

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