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Despite sobbing into a pillow and getting a cold within the first 12 hours of returning from Ibiza, I feel positive and full of promise at this new, cold and rainy London town I have been so cruelly hurled back into.

A slightly different post from me today, make sure you drop a comment or throw up a finger and get some feedbacking involved on the content.

Bench have teamed up with RA to make a series of films delving into the world of Electronic Dance Music and the cities that have influenced the scene since its inception. Already down are Detroit and Bristol, check both through the jump. This time round they travel to Berlin, home to easily one of the best music scenes in the world.

Check the vids for Bristol and Berlin below. Shouts to all those involved.

Real Scenes: Bristol from Resident Advisor on Vimeo.

Real Scenes: Berlin from Resident Advisor on Vimeo.

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The more I look out upon the vast musical wastes of pop culture, home to possibly some of the most disturbing and ugly of record execs creations, the more you can see little rays of sunshine, or patches of crisp green green grass springing up from the battered and burnt earth. With a wry smile on my face I’m very pleased to see that many of these gems are British artists.

Delilah is hopefully set to go the same way, with a distinct voice, easily recognizable from her peers and a sound that almost takes the best of Portishead, jazz and bass influences it would be a fools bet to disagree.

Go – Ep has just been released which features 2 brand new tracks and an official video to single Go. Slightly in love with this most distinguished of ladies voices and still happy to admit the shivers and goosebumps are showing no signs of subsiding.

Check the video below as well as a stream of all the tracks of the ep which you can purchase from HERE

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One of my two favourite UK lady singers at the minute. Everything is tight and right, looking set to blow up in a timely fashion for Ayah Marar. We featured this track a while back, which got a lot of love and thankfully now it is getting an official release!

I briefly and very cunningly stalked and eventually, casually and completely unplanned, met this most lovely of ladies and know for a fact she appreciates all the support so another big cheers on her behalf.

Check the video below, complete with abs definition and Ayah’s trademark moves that only she has that certain something to pull off.  The track gets an official release September 25th. Pre-order from here.

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I make it no secret, I am an avid fan of Alex Clare. His smooth yet powerful vocals and his dubstep influenced soul/pop music make me want to dance and sing along equally.

He has been dicing with Magnetic Man for a while, standing in on vocals for John Legend amongst others, and delivering pitch-perfect live performances every time.

This time round Skream returns the favour and remixes single “Up All Night.” Now the obvious comparison with this remix is to La Roux‘s “In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)” and there are some similarities. A deep, slightly wobbly bassline plus vocals that leads into a ravey DnB section at the end of the track. However, let’s be honest, who the fck really cares. This is an absolute tune that is bound to get dropped all over for the next few months and you know it is going to go off wherever it lands.

No release date set as of yet but check out the stream below.

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Original post for NEWESTRA.COM

We here, the minds what are Newestra all agree that Minnesota is fcking sick.

We have interviewed and featured his bass heavy, glitched out, bro, dub, stepping styled out tracks several times. What I still find so alarming is how fast he seems to bang them out, all of them still standing up to quality standards and successfully passing the “Can this wobble your brain and send shivers up a ladies spine who is sat on the speaker test”.

As with all good schizophrenic, artistic men and women, Minnesota now has an alter ego. Himself and Marty Party have combined bass lines to create something that is probably going to kill someone. Like seriously. They call is Deathstar

Apologies for being a bit late on this one however the EP is sick and completely free as well. So hopefully that makes up for it!

Check, cop and listen, with volume at reasonable level please, belowwwwww.

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Original post for EARMILK.COM

Really pleased to see some new material on the way from Scroobius Pip. Easily one of the most lyrically profound and intelligent guys on the UK scene, or realistically, the world scene at the minute.It’s is not exactly easy listening “hooked out” hip hop that is going to have stadiums singing along.

It is however really bloody clever. The way he laces stories together and relays his message is pretty jaw dropping. Just make sure you give it a good listen!

This track was produced by Danny Lohner (yes Danny Lohner Aka Renholder of A Perfect Circle and Tool, I know sick indeed!) and has drums courtesy of Travis Barker. 

The video was reportedly maybe for a measly 100quid. Check it below.

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Original post for NEWESTRA.COM

Every now and again, a lady comes along who seems to defy boundaries between music tastes. Someone who is both hugely respected by the underground and artistic side of the scene but at the same smashes through the mainstream charts into no.1 spot off the back of her songwriting and undeniable music singing skillz.

I think young Emeli Sande is one of those people. Her single “Heaven”, that we featured a few weeks back, was locked in battle for the UK no.1 spot over the weekend and the track itself seems to be following me around. Heard it everywhere from my “hipster” mates car, to the off license and petrol station, to some club I can vaguely remember being in when after a series of oddly coloured shots and a few deep and meaningful chats with old friends about how far we’ve all come as people.

Fair games really, I LOVE it too!

This version kind of takes my breath away, both for the acoustic performance and also for the director and filming. Stunning batch of stuff from all involved. So thanks very much.

Shout out to the Pinboard Film guys for making this series. Goosebumping moments galore.

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After my super excited and balling last post (HERE) on this gent I was all smiles and joy when I heard he had a new EP on the way! You can listen to one of his tracks and it is just that, only one of his tracks, with each one having an identity of it’s own, while his live sets take an altogether different direction again.

EP- Achtung is set to come out on vinyl in September. Described as an “electronic sea shanty” you can see where they are coming from.

The intro is playful and fun, then a slightly dubby bass drop, which although relatively heavy still holds up and fits in with the feel of the track as a whole. While the vocals have a sort of indie electro feel, or like a twisted electro take on old sea shanty. I bloody like it.

Check more info HERE

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Radiohead – King Of Limbs (Live From The Basement)

Boy o Boy am I excited about this one. In Rainbows (From The Basement) is still probably one of the best live / non live, shows I have seen. In theory this should be the same.

The video is only available for a short time so get into the listening and enjoy….

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Original Post for

I was in two minds about whether or not I should post this. On a personal note I am an avid fan and part time love slave to Stateless. I do, however get that this is not for all ears. Eventually though I thought fck it, who knows what you like more than you so I will do just this and let you decide.

The song itself is a single taken of album Matilda put out on Ninja Tunes earlier in the year. The track is what one might describe as beautiful, building and layering itself slowly around the euphonious vocals that are long and stretched almost like an extra instrument rather than lyrics. The song builds and layers as it goes then ends in what I can only really describe as a passionately chaotic crescendo.

The video is kind of like an old film from the 40’s or 50’s and is in itself quite a beautiful piece of filming.

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