Arguably the least known but most experienced and hardy of the Magnetic Man crew. Artwork has been on the scene for a long time. He put out Benga’s first ever record way back in 2002, on his Big Apple Records im-print and shop and employed both Skream and Benga to work for him. Amongst the industries big names, Artwork is nothing short of a legend and we can quite safely lay the birth of Dubstep, as it was, sqaurely at his door. Sooooo thanks very much!

The lecture went down at Rbma 2011 in Madrid. Famed for giving informative, well conducted and intimate lecture/interviews with some of the biggest and most respected names in music, this one is no different.

The video is a long piece but if you have any interest in the origins of the dubstep scene, Skreams drinking habits, or how Artwork got where he is now then definitely worth a watch.

Lecture: Artwork (Madrid 2011) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

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DnB has never really been famed for making poignant videos that have a deeper meaning than ” you should all rave and skank till the world ends….when this track plays”. Not to take anything away from the videos themselves, I guess the style of music, speed, tempo doesn’t really lend itself to a higher purpose or deep message.

Phace and Misanthrop disagree. First of all the track alone is sickening. A Noisia-esque style that see’s dark basslines and changing tempos blended together over a rolling but harrowing beat, I dont imagine too many people will get their smiley skank on to this one. Cue heavy moshpits and pouty faces.

Combine that with the video, which is cut and edited perfectly to fit the songs timing. On top, the message it conveys is sincere and clear despite missing a vocalist to translate the songs meaning. Check below and make up your own mind.

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Alcohol is cool, the media tells us so. Drink this and it makes you more appealing to the opposite sex, or flip that (not her) and buy someone this and you, again, become more appealing to them. This time because you apparently and obviously understand the depth of personality it takes to enjoy certain kinds of drinks and cocktails. More so than the dude sitting next to you, who guessed the lady would like a glass of wine. What an idiot!

My point is drinks/spirits advertising is clever. It kind of has to be, what with alcohol basically being a form of poison that is proven to cause more deaths than illegal drugs ever have. Still drinks are cool and have the ability to display alot about your personality at a glance. For instance –

– The guy necking beers with his buddies probably isn’t too bothered about where it comes from, it’s history or what goes in to it. What he does care about is getting it down and moving on to reach that sweet annebriated spot, where inhibitions are a thing of the past and volume control gets fritzed.

– The guy sipping a swisky, slowly and looking of into the distance, on the other hand, with a resigned look of deep thought on his face is probably more about the drink. He probably enjoys the hops and smokiness that comes with a good scotch. Letting the ice melt a little to take the edge of and get the most out of his purchase.

Both are massively broad generalisations but you get what I mean. With that in mind drinks people are becoming ever more industrious about how they approach their customers. For instance New Zealand born 42 below Vodka are currently mid way through  a push based around the theme of “Nothing” – “You Pay Nothing for Nothing “……. but nothing is actually free vodka soooo a good kind of something really. You rock down to a particular cocktail bar, give them nothing, more accurately something worth nothing like a box or a sugar cube and they give you a cocktail! Pretty simple but engaging and fun. This shows innovation, but experiential innovation. Something that creates a memory, and something you can share with others and then re-count at a later date. By association the spirit is shed in a good light and is regarded as those lovely people who gave you something for nothing….or officially Nothing for Nothing!

Check more on their Facebook page HERE


Spirit brand are notorious for making some of the sexiest, most intelligent and funniest adds ever.

Probably one of the greatest things i have ever seen, to this day. Everything about this video either makes you either want to surf or buy a guinness. The track from Leftfield is now one of the most iconic dance tracks ever and easily his most famous production.

I think the point we can take away is, brands and products now days are soo much about identity and association. There are psychologists who specialise in making people choose one product instead of another. It can be something as simple as where it is placed, the colour of the packaging or something more complex like the messaging.

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After being part of the Re:Generation project along with Skrillex, Mark Ronson and co. Pretty Lights lays down another concept track. This time around; the track comes on behalf of EA Games and their forhtcoming releasse of the new SSX this February. The track see’s Pretty Lights turn his electro/hip hop souled out giant hybrid musical brain to the track that all white dudes think they can dance well to – “It’s Tricky”. I know this because I too think this. Check the video of the premier live from Atlanta, Georgia.

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Luvstep 2.5

It’s been 7 days and I have only just seen this new Luvstep!! What an idiot!  More accurately this isn’t quite Luvstep 3. It is however Luvstep 2.5, taken from a live recording at Mad Decents Block Party.

This round see’s a similar sound and feel to the previous mixes with Dirty South and Joe Flufftronix taking the cream of the deeper and sexier dubstep and bass world, however where the previous mixes were emotive and very focused on vocal productions, the pair come a bit harder this time.

Check the tracklist and stream HERE

1 Baby
2 Starkey – Lost In Space [Civil Music]
3 Chase & Status feat. Delilah – Time (Nostalgia Remix) [White Label]
4 Dev – In the Dark (Proper Villains Remix) [Universal Republic]
5 SBTRKT feat. Little Dragon – Wildfire [Young Turks]
6 DWNTWN – Hungry Hearts (Skeet Skeet Remix Dub) [White Label]
7 Mr. Little Jeans – The Suburbs [White Label]
8 Gold Panda – Marriage (Star Slinger Remix) [Notown]
9 Araabmuzik – Feelin’ So Hood [Duke Productions]
10 Ali Love – Diminishing Returns (Alvin Risk Remix) [Dim Mak]
11 Derek Allen – Shoulda Listened [Mad Decent]
12 Silver Medallion – All I Ask (Flufftronix Remix) [Get Right]
13 Mavado – Delilah (Diplo Remix) [Mansion]
14 Dillon Francis & Chris Brown – Beautician People (Flufftronix Mash) [White Label]
15 Calvin Harris – Feels So Close (Nero Remix) [Fly Eye]
16 Lena
17 Camo & Crooked feat. Shaz Sparks – All Fall Down [Hospital]
18 Dillon Francis & Cory Enemy – I Love You [Self Released]
19 C83 – Where Do We Go [White Label]
20 Joker feat. Jessie Ware – The Vision (Breathe In) [4AD]
21 Emalkay feat. Lena Cullen – The World [Dub Police]
22 Spor – Pacifica (Chasing Shadows Remix) [Lifted Music]
23 Sabi – Wild Heart [Warner Bros.]
24 Skrillex – All I Ask Of You (Trypt Remix) [White Label]
25 Nero – Promises [More Than Alot]
26 Peace – Sunburst [Self Released]
27 Knightfreq – Touch The Stars [Cablestone]
28 Rusko – Everyday (Netsky Remix) [Mad Decent]
29 Peace & Illest – U Y (Flufftronix Edit) [Self Released]
30 Celine

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Noisia – Could This Be


Set for release November 21st on Mau5trap Records, Noisia lay down another single that can only be described as audible eargasmic, delicious crack for the soul and mind.

Carving out their own niche, that sits between their DnB roots (which have not gone anywhere, check the track they just dropped with Lynx) and a dubstep / electro synthed out bass line vibe, it looks like everything is set up for them to drop rolling bpms and heavy bassline line jericho missiles all over the US and Europe in the new year.

Check the new single below and download of Beatport next Monday.

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Hosta Homegrown Ep


Ahhhh there are few things I enjoy more than laying back and letting a liquid Drum and Bass track lather me up and get me good and amassed with visuals of a summer days skanking around fields. Letting the cows and sheep stare on with bemused and slightly envious eyes. Yes mr cow, if only you could dance on two legs, your life would be richer and better, you know this.

Hosta has been making stunning DnB for a while now, and is making waves throughout clubs with his distinct approach and take on the genre. The Homegrown Ep is available now. Check the full stream below and pick up a free remix he did for Rameses B whilst you’re in the area!


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Fiordmass struck a chord with me today, specifically track Tigermy. They are a 3 piece group, who’s vocals resonate images of Bjork, but more anxst and power, and who’s sound when complete is a mix of synthed out eerie scandinavian pop,  singer songwriter post dubstep. They have, basically, come to laugh at anyone who thinks genres mean anything nowdays. Whatever we call them the product is powerful, immersive and makes me yearn for more.

Fiordmass dropped an Ep at the beginning of the year, you can download for free or donate  HERE.

Check a live performance of Tigermy taken from the Gliese ep and stream a longer live session from Madrid HERE.
Download: Fiordmass – Tigermy (Album Version)
Download: Fiordmass – Miss Tate

Fiordmoss – Tigermy (live in studio) from Fiordmoss on Vimeo.

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Probably safe to say Noisia are the three wise lords of DnB rave halls and have been for the past few years. The Dutch trio of prodcution dynamos are teaming up with Mau5trap once again and turning their hand to a slightly lower Bpm in the form of some filth drawled Dubstep.

Sound wise the bass is unmistakably Noisia, the track opens with euphonious strings who’s only purpose is to calm, sooth and distract before this electronic monster eats the shit out of  you.

Track is getting a release October 24th but is availably exclusively on Beatport as of yesterday.

Beatpot purchase HERE

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Unforutnately I am not a DJ, nor do I play any instruments. I learnt the piano for a bit when I was a young man, but as we all know unless you are shit hot at piano or can sing like an angel it is just not very cool. So I gave up, which I know regret.

It’s all good though know I work in the music industry and write for a dope music / fashion / lifestyle mag or two (Newestra is dope) . I get to surround myself with individuals who perservered where I shied away and failed to shine. For that I am at least a happy man. I also occassionally  get to stand behind the Dj Booth and pretend that I am actually meant to be. Good times akimbo.

However if I had tried harder, and become that musical puppeteer that I, from time to time, imagine myself to be, I would probably have been encouraged by a video like the one below.

I’m not a big fan of Sasha, however he comes out with some pretty insightful stuff and definitely offers some words to the wise for any young Dj’s or producers.

Cheecckkk it yeh?

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Right before we get into any kind of dispute over who posted what first lets all just agree that good music is good music and not everyone in the world is capable of receiving it at the same time. So chill out! I’m sure there are some people who haven’t heard this or maybe even have never heard of Pretty Lights…… this is just a straight up rude milk pail full of goodness.

The tune got  a premier at Bonaroo festival and became a staple of his summer sets. Quickly being dubbed the Pretty Lights anthem of the summer. I got lucky enough to hear this play out at his first London gig and it went a wee bit mental.

The kindly and generous man that he is, Pretty Lights gives all his tunes away for free over his site.

Check the all HERE and get the download belowww

Download – Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth

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Jokers next single feat Silas (Turboweekend is set to drop September 26th, despite previously  reporting it was out yesterday, it seems the date has since changed!

In the meantime Joker continues to drop grime / dubstep crossover bombs unto the world in true goony fashion.

His latest offerings are a pretty lo-fi vid for track Back In The Days feat Bugsy, Shadz, Scarz and Double, set to be a part of upcoming album “The Vision” and a free download of an unofficial Ellie Goulding Remix.

Check and download belowww

Download:Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyes (Joker Bait Drum Remix)

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